1st Annual Black Rock Foothills Celebration

From tractor pulling to a little window shopping, the 1st Annual Black Rock Foothills celebration offered something for everyone.

((Stephen Ward: I just like seeing all these tractors.))

Over 1,000 people turned out for the 2 day event.

Which is not bad considering this is the first one ever.

((Ron Smiley: Organizers are hopeful the new event will become a homecoming for the small town of 700.))

((Bob Vance/Mayor: We are trying to get our community spirit back and trying to create a festival where the people who had moved away can come home and celebrate.))

Which means activities like hair coloring, along with the more popular face painting will be on hand for people to enjoy.

The town is especially proud of a small museum put up for the event which details Black Rock's history.

((Bob Vance: We created a pictoral history museum with walls that are lined with pictures of the past old hotels and buildings.))

While the event and some of the games hint at the past, Black Rock hopes events like this one will lead them into a future of prosperity and growth.

In Black Rock, with photojournalist Daniel Westerhold, Ron Smiley K8 news.