American Red Cross makes nationwide plea

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The American Red Cross is experiencing a critical blood shortage. Donor Services Representative for the American Red Cross, Bob Draper, "The American Red Cross has not seen such a shortage in the last ten years. So, this is why we want people to roll up their sleeves come out and support their blood drives here locally, at the office, as well as mobile operations in your area."

Draper says there's a shortage in blood, but not in need. "At this time, school's are out, people are on vacation. The need for blood never takes a vacation. It's ongoing. The need is daily. We need blood of all types. Especially O's to support those patients who are in the hospital, so no one will go without blood."

Draper says if people don't start coming out and giving blood, someone else may suffer. "There may be a time when someone may not get the help that they need. The American Red Cross, we are a system. We help one another, but again, we can't do it without able body individuals coming out and rolling up their sleeves."

The American Red Cross must receive enough donors every day to meet the needs of such people as accident victims, cancer patients, surgical candidates, children with blood disorders and the list goes on.

There are more than 22,000 blood donations each week day and around 15,000 every weekend. The American Red Cross is making a nationwide appeal for all blood types, including platelets.

The American Red Cross Donor Center is located at 1904 Grant Street in Jonesboro. There hours are 10a-6p Monday-Thursday, 7a-2p Friday and Saturday and 8a-3p on Sunday.

For a complete listing of mobile donation locations and times, log onto their website.

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