Lending library lifts cancer patient's spirits

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Learning to read is one of the first things we are taught when starting school. So for one oncology unit in Jonesboro, that means it's back to the basics of books.

Julie Turner, the front desk supervisor with the NEA Baptist Clinic's oncology unit, says she was originally looking to give away her mother's old book collection. Then she had the idea to start a small library in the middle of the oncology unit.

For cancer patients like Darlene Kain the lending library is providing some relief during her long chemotherapy treatments.

"Sometimes it's only an hour. Just depends on what kind of chemo you are getting, but you know it gives you something to do. Keeps your mind off of things," said Kain.

If you would like to add to this lending library give Julie Turner a call at 870.934.5332.

Hope Circle located just down the stairs from the NEA oncology unit also provides a lending library as one of its' services. If you would like to donate to this library give June Morse a call at 870.926.9985

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