Pet Adoption Day helps community cope with dog dragging

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Just over a week ago, a brutal case of animal cruelty forced Jonesboro Animal Control Officers to put down a five month old pit-bull puppy. Saturday, an adoption day put on in honor of that puppy helped those at the shelter move forward.

"It helps us so we don't dwell on that, and to refocus it into something positive," said Larry Rogers with Jonesboro Animal Control. He says the recent dog dragging case has been tough on officers at the shelter. While the five month old pit-bull puppy could not be saved, they hope this adoption day can help heal the wound.

"This little puppy that died, it did not die in vain. These other puppies are going to have a good home," said Rogers.

Before 11 o'clock, two puppies had already been scooped up and taken off to a new home. "If we have one adoption it's still fantastic because one animal found a loving home," said Rogers.

Jarred Elliott came out this afternoon, and got aquatinted with a few rascals that caught his eye.

"I'm looking for a dog, and hoping to add one to the family," said Elliott.

He says after the tragic treatment of the little pit-bull puppy, it's nice to see the community come out and turn it into something positive. "I think it's a terrible story, but coming out here and seeing all these dogs up for adoption, we'd like to take one home," said Elliott.

Rogers is pleased to say that Saturday eight dogs were able to find a new home, one dog is being fostered and another animal was reclaimed by it's owners.

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