Jonesboro Real Estate Wars Heating Up

November 3, 2003 - Posted at 5:14 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - Good mortage rates, plus plenty of choices for homebuyers, make an almost perfect recipe for your plans to move into a new home.

Whether you decide to sell it yourself, or hire some help, Region 8 is a very unique place for both sides of the real estate game.  The grass, as they often say, is always greener in these parts.  In fact, it's almost as bright as the green image of real grass printed on real estate agent Malinda Gipson's new SUV.  "W'ere always out showing people new homes, taking paperwork to loan companies, so it's a good thing to have out there," said Gipson.  A local dealership helped her get what she called a good deal on an unusually different type of company car.

With a strong local economy, and great mortgate rates for long-term financing, many people are moving into new homes.

Lori Hooks of First Financial Mortgage of Jonesboro, says the rates and local economy are helping her business ride the strong market's momentum.  "There are a lot of 'for sale' signs out there.  This is definitely a buyer's market.  Rates are low, the lowest they've probably been in thirty years," said Hooks.

While some people, especially the ones who are new to the area, call a real estate company for help, there are those who take on the task, do it their way, often to save the cost of an agent's real estate commission.  "We see a lot more realtor transactions than 'for sale by owner' come through our office," Hooks said.

So whether you decide to call on an agent, or do it your way, around here, your new home choices are as wide as this area's rate of growth, and as green as the moving billboard's image of one of Melinda Gipson's latest sales.