What Went Boom?

November 4, 2003 5:05 AM CDT

JONESBORO, AR --Something shook Region 8 and its residents last night about 10 o'clock.

First there were bright flashes of light in the sky and streaks of colors from blue to yellow painted the horizon. Approximately five minutes later a "boom," as it has been described even shook some homes.  A short time later a field was spotted burning near Sedgwick, in eastern Lawrence County, but it is not beleived to have been related to the incident.

While some people may may not have noticed, there is no doubt that it happened.  The KAIT newsroom received hundreds of calls from all across Region 8.  Calls came from as far south as Brinkley, and as far west and north as West Plains, Missouri.

The incident certainly had those who saw it perplexed.  "I was coming down here to Jonesboro to come to work and I was coming south out of Rector.  As I was driving the whole sky lit up blue around me, and as I looked off up to my left...I saw this fireball coming out of the sky, and when it got here it fizzled apart kind of like a firecracker," said motorist Bill Brewer.