Sharp County to reconsider natural gas program

SHARP COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The subject of natural gas is once again being discussed in Sharp County. The program failed to materialize last year due to lack of interest because of the high cost of connection fees.

Judge Brown says Phase 1, which the county is considering, would be a smaller version of the previous system with less consumers. The system would grow as interest rises. Natural gas main lines already run into county, but most households rely on propane or electricity.

County and city officials met today at the city hall in Highland to discuss how to get the word out to the residents. Questions on the mail out regarding conversion costs and benefits were brought up. Judge Brown said there would be no deposit required but there would be a low monthly fee that would have to be paid if gas is run to a house.  That cost would of course change when a house is hooked up more than likely to replace current propane connections.

Judge Brown said they were ready to get rolling on public input. "We've worked on a cover letter and we've worked on a user agreement with the engineer and bonding company. We've reached a point now where we have found somebody to do a direct mail for us and distribute that in a saturation mail out."

The mail out is expected to go out in a couple of weeks. There will also be a county meeting on August 21st at the Highland gym to get public input and begin the sign up process.

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