New discussion about the proposed Sharp county hospital

HIGHLAND, AR (KAIT) --After nearly a year the discussion about the proposed Sharp county hospital has started again.

At a meeting of Mayors and other county officials Larry Bronson who supports the hospital brought the subject up again in terms of funding.

The discussion flowed around the room as questions as to how much money needed to be raised, what exactly it would be used for and whether the county would support a hospital. One proposal is to fund an emergency room at the current White River medical facility and use part of the money to support the local ambulance service.

There is a proposed tax of either 1 cent or 1 percent to fund either plan. Bronson brought an architects drawing of a 20 bed hospital but said it could be made smaller this was just a starting point for more discussion.

Richard Huff the Mayor of Evening Shade said he has concerns whether the county can raise enough money to keep a facility operational.

Huff, "However much money we think we can raise, whatever we get for that to improve the health care of Sharp County is what I feel we need to be looking at.Be it a hospital, be it an emergency room."

Bronson's group proposes that the county run the hospital.

Judge Larry Brown said he wants to hear all proposals and the rest of the group said it is time to move on with this issue and get it to the Quorum court and then on to the ballot.

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