Mill increase passes at Westside and Bay Schools

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The proposed millage increases for Westside and Bay School Districts have been approved by voters Tuesday.

In Bay, the 4 mill increase was approved by voters 71% to 29%.

Westside voters found favor with the 3.25 mill increase by 66%.

The Westside School Board approved a measure seeking a 3.25 millage increase, and placed it on Tuesday's ballot for residents to vote on.

The Westside school board asked for the 3.25 increase, of which 1.00 mill will go toward maintenance and operation and 2.25 mills will go to debt service.  The school board estimates the 2.25 mills can raise about $5 million in construction funds.

Westside's tax levy will now be 35.42 mills, an increase from the millage of 32.17.

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