Students Hope Support Will Convince City Council to Back Bus System

November 4, 2003 - Posted at: 10:45pm

JONESBORO, AR -- In a question-answer session held on the campus of Arkansas State University, Student Government Association leaders informed students about why their support of a public transportation system is so important to making it a reality.

"Well the quorum court was kind of the deciding factor. We always supported it, just now we have really been asked to make our presence known, and to publicly come out and support it", said Shelley LunBeck, SGA President.

LunBeck and Vice-President Jake Hampton pointed out that students wouldn't have to waste as much time finding parking spots, there would be less vehicles on campus and students could more easily make their way to businesses off of campus.

Student body leaders didn't realize until recently their public stance behind regional transportation was so important. They hope the informative meeting will help convince Jonesboro city council members to vote differently than the Craighead County Quorum Court, for the students' sake.

"Any plans I had to make was based on somebody who had a car and who would be able to take me wherever I wanna go", said one international student.

Shelley LunBeck is optimistic students' support and their voices will make a difference.

LunBeck added, "We're traditionally a group that the public officials haven't really heard from, so maybe with hearing from us, it'll just kind of click something in their minds that Jonesboro and Craighead County really needs public transportation.

A student petition drive is underway. The next step is a phone call and a letter-writing campaign. Paper, envelopes and stamps will be provided. All students have to do is write letters of their opinions to city, county, state and federal political leaders regarding public transportation in Northeast Arkansas.