St. Bernards employees help out the community

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - St. Bernads turned 111 years old on Wednesday and instead of celebrating with some cake, employees decided to step out and volunteer in the community.

Around 70 volunteers spent the majority of their day cleaning up the city cemetery across the street from the hospital.

Interim Parks and Recreations Director, Wixson Huffstetler, says he was thrilled when he first got the phone call that St. Bernards employees were looking for volunteer work. "Getting volunteers to help is so important. I mean, at the parks department we only have thirty workers and we worked all day, every day and to have volunteers come out and work like this, it just takes a load off our back. And really helps to keep the community clean and looking great."

St. Bernards employee, Fred Gramlich, was one of the many volunteers who worked in the heat all day. "It's all about giving something back to the community. We know that there's people hired to take care of the cemetery, but they're overwhelmed with the number of cemeteries that they have here in the city. This cemetery is right across the street from the hospital, so who better to help."

Volunteers spent the day planting trees, mowing the grass, picking up trash and bleaching the historical monuments in the cemetery.

Huffstetler says one of the best things you can do for your community is volunteer some of your time. "Just give some of your time. You know, Jonesboro's a great place to live. I'm very proud to be a citizen here. The Mayor does a great job. In fact, the whole city does a great job. It's a great town to live in and volunteering goes a long way. I volunteer on many boards. It's a great thing to do and it's a lot of fun, too."

For more information about the St. Bernards, you can log onto their website.

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