School preparing now for winter months ahead

IMBODEN, AR (KAIT) – While the temperatures outside are soaring into the triple digits some school districts around the area are already getting ready for snow.  A law passed this spring is being put into action by some districts.

For many, school is starting about a week early.  Students usually enter the classroom around the 19th of August, but this year some will start on the fifteenth.

"Going into June the second was very unusual for us," said Sloan-Hendrix Superintendent Mitch Walton.

After missing a handful of days throughout last school year Sloan-Hendrix was one of the many schools that had to keep their doors open longer.

"Last year we missed nine days due to snow and one day due to flooding.  It is one of those deals where it is going to be beneficial to us to get a few more of those days in," said Walton.

That's why students will be on this campus about five days earlier.

"It will allow us to have a few extra instructional days before the bad weather hits," said Walton.

Over the past several years Sloan Hendrix has added several new students and their bus routes cover a lot of rural terrain.

"We want to have the safest routes possible so these are things we do consider thinking not only about the summer time but through the winter time," said Walton.

When Act 65 passed Superintendent Mitch Walton said they rearranged the school calendar so they could get two full quarters in before winter break.  They have five days that are built into the end of the school year that can be used when the weather is too bad to hold class.

"There are a few school holidays during the school year like presidents day we can take that day possibly for a bad weather day if we need to," said Walton.

With the start of school happening earlier Walton said he hopes that will eliminate a lot of the make-up days that could happen later and hopefully they can end the school year on time.

"We are now set to end the school year on May the 18th and so that gives us a little flexibility at the end of May," said Walton.

They will have an open house on August 11th.

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