Summer Drought Ahead

JONESBORO (KAIT) - It's been over one week since Jonesboro has seen measurable rainfall.

The effects of this summer heat and the lack of rainfall are reaching a critical point here in Region 8.

Craighead County Emergency Management Director David Moore says the land is getting extremely dry, which is leading to more brush fires.

"We're all watching it very closely because it is getting to that critical point where we may have to consider a burn ban."

Even though we are not officially in a drought, the lack of rain is certainly taking its toll on our land.

Since the beginning of June, our rainfall is nearly two inches below what we typically receive.

These extremely dry conditions have led to a blanket of burn bans for the western counties of Arkansas, but the eastern counties are in the clear right now.

"If we don't get any rain in the next week, I'm probably going to be sitting down with the judge and discuss it because we may have to take some action."

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