Benefit talent show brings music and money to Pocahontas

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - A benefit talent show had the Pocahontas Community Center rocking Friday night.

The talent show raised money for the Reserve Police Officers in Pocahontas.

When the flooding occurred in Pocahontas, Reserve Officers spent their days alongside police and firefighters, so to show their thanks, the community put on the event.

Shelley Proctor said she was asked to come up with an idea that would give back to those who give so much to the community.

"You know, you can do the car washes and the yard sales and the bake sales but that's not going to bring in enough money," Proctor said. "Because each Reserve Officer spends over a thousand dollars on their uniform and their equipment so we wanted to raise just a little bit more money and show how we appreciate them."

Jason Maisongale is a Reserve Officer and also plays in a band made up of mostly law enforcement officials.

Maisongale said this event means a lot to him.

"To see the community get behind us and just want to help out is wonderful," Maisongale said.

Maisongale and his band the The Empty Pockets, played at the event.

It began at 7p.m.

Money raised in the concession stand went to the local DARE Program.

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