A queen is crowned at the Walnut Ridge Nursing and Rehab Center

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 seniors battled to be crowned the 2011 Queen. The Walnut Ridge Nursing and Rehab Center held their annual beauty contest on Friday.

Human Resource Executive Crista Sanders says they've been holding this event for about thirty years. "It's all about our seniors and you know they've spent their whole lives taking care of everybody else and this gives us a chance to give back to them and make them feel important and a part of something."

Barbara Donwerth was crowned the new queen, and says this was something she was a little hesitant to take part in, at first. "I've never done anything like this before. I've done other activities, but never dreamed of doing anything like this and didn't want to originally. I was so embarrassed and thought I can't do that, I'll cry."

Barbara says there were some very persuasive people around her who talked her into it, and now she's thrilled she went ahead and went through with it. "It gets so exciting when you're just getting ready and prepared for it. It makes you feel young again."

Crista Sanders, "It's always nice for someone to get to feel special and just to bring the community together and get support for the contestants. It's just all about the residents, here."

Barbara says events like these are something that other ladies out there need to go on and take a chance in. "For the ladies out there who are shy and not sure about this. Through all the years that they've held back, now is not the time to hold back. Let yourself go, let loose and have your fun because this is the time."

Sanders says now that they've found their queen, Donwerth will go on to compete at the state level on August 18th.

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