College classes coming to Rector

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) – Over the past couple of years more people have found themselves out of work.  While many have been going back into the classroom others find that concept just out of their reach.  Now, a new opportunity is opening up that can help open the doors many felt were closed.

For the first time in rector some basic college classes will be offered this fall.  This is a good first step for many who would like to go back to school and a good starting place for someone just entering the world of higher education.

"If people stay more businesses may come that we'll have a good work force and they'll know we have a trained work force," said Lark Sigsby, Director of the Northeast Arkansas Innovative Training Center

Sigsby said a partnership with Black River Technical College is allowing them to offer basic college classes in Rector.

"The gas is so high.  They need to be at home where they feel safe and they agreed with us that we would make a try at this," said Sigsby.

One worry about the immediate future of this venture is getting enough people to sign up for classes.

"If we can get enough people to come to the classes here then we'll be established as far as offering at least some basic college classes," said Sigsby.

They need twelve people in each of the seven classes they have scheduled for this fall for the classes to be held.

"There are two classes that are within two or three students of making of having enough and some of the others are still pretty slim and so we're hoping that people will get registered soon," said Sigsby.

Sigsby said the economic conditions over the past several years have forced many residents to re-evaluate their futures.

"A few years ago when a sports wear factory closed that left a lot of people who had thirty or more years of experience in one field having to be retrained," said Sigsby.

Offering these very basic developmental courses is a way for future students to jump in, even if they haven't been inside a classroom for a while.

"It's a safety net and it is going to help ensure that people have some success right off the bat," said Sigsby.

The courses that are on the schedule for this fall include the following:

Introduction to Algebra
Writing Fundamentals
Advanced Reading
Freshman English 1
US History to 1876
Introduction of Chemistry

Classes are scheduled to start on August 22nd.

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