Grubbs flood victim revisited

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

GRUBBS, AR (KAIT) - This past May and like much of Region 8, it was a tough time for the town of Grubbs. From high water blocking an way in and out of town, to water over flowing their sewer system. The Fields family was one of the ones hit the hardest in the town. Sunday, we went back to check on the family to see what life has been like since the waters went down.

It was nearly two months ago, when Fields had to travel by boat to get to the home he grew up in. Marks were left on the trees that line their property were just a small reminder of what happened. Fields says it wasn't until the water went down, that their journey began. "Oh it's not over. It's a total mess, destruction. It'll take months, maybe even a year," said Fields.

Fields says the water got over a foot deep inside the house. Now, the inside of the house is pretty much gutted. "We had to rip out all the paneling, we had to spray it with model killer, and now we're coming back to put in sheet rock," said Fields.

For now, the place they call home is a FEMA trailer. "My dad and I both got FEMA trailers. This is where we've both been staying for about a month or so. It's small, but it'll work until we get the house fixed," said Fields.

And while he says they did not have flood insurance, they are receiving some federal funding, but they're having to do all of the labor themselves. "We got money from FEMA, but it's not enough to pay somebody to come in and do the work for you. We have to work and then do this on our days off. So it'll take a while but we'll get it done," said Fields.

He says FEMA will supply the trailer for 18 months to allow them time to get their home back together. Fields says this whole experience has tested their families strength, but doesn't ever want to relive this scenario again.

"Since we got flooded, we're going to build a levee around our houses. So we don't get flooded again. This isn't going to happen again," said Fields.

Fields says he couldn't thank his friends and family enough for all the help through this hard time.

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