A local library is keeping kids busy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Summer is beginning to wind down and people are starting to talk about going back to school.

With a few remaining weeks before that happens, staff of the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library have a series of activities available to parents and their children.

Director of Youth Services, Kay Taylor, says they want to help parents keep kids active and entertained. "We still have a couple of weeks until school starts, so we're trying to offer families activities that don't cost anything, some fun things to do before school starts back. We have everything from movies, game day, electronic games, nail painting day, group games like bingo, there's just a lot of different choices."

Kay says the library has been holding events for kids during slow weeks for 11 years, now, "Anytime the kids are out of school. During Spring Break we try to offer a couple of week's worth of activities for those who aren't going to travel somewhere. There's something they can still come and do that's fun and different."

Kay says they want to let people know that the library is here and has a lot to offer them. "Don't let them sit around and be bored. School starts soon and there are some fun things they can do. These activities are a chance to get out to a cool place. It's so hot outside. And they'll have a good time coming here, too."

But there's a plus side, Taylor says they hope these types of events will help draw people to the library. "They're exposed to the library to start with. We hope they're going to check out a book or get a library card if they don't have one already. It's a fun meeting place. It's more like a community center than what it used to be. It used to just be books. It's not just books, anymore."

The library has an assortment of DVDs you can check out, books on CD, music, magazines and even books you can download on ebooks. They also have computers that offer a variety of computer games, language lessons and much more.

Monday the library offered electronic gaming on Wii and Kinect.

Tuesday they'll be showing the family movie, Madagascar.

Wednesday they're offering family board games and Thursday will be fingernail art.

For a complete listing of events throughout the rest of the summer, click here.

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