First sales tax free holiday for AR this weekend

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Stores across Arkansas are getting ready for what some are calling the "black Friday" for the fall.  It's Arkansas's first ever, tax free holiday.  This is something states have been doing for years.  From school supplies, to some clothing, residents don't have to travel to Missouri or Tennessee to take advantage of the good deals.

"I just think it's a great opportunity to let Uncle Sam pay for part of your back to school shopping," said Dillard's Assistant Manager Renee Jones.

In the weeks leading up to the start of school families are filling the mall hoping to save.

"We go and mom tries to find the better deals see what is on sale," said Sabrina Morrisett.

Morrisett is a high school senior and said she always looks for the perfect back to school outfits."

"Shirts, pants, and capri's for girls, it's a lot different than it is for boys, girls probably buy more than boys," said Morrisett.

But this year she plans to take advantage of a new opportunity to get more for less.

"When I get paid I'll go and spend about half my paycheck on me clothes and then they'll probably give me $200 a piece and then I will go buy that," said Morrisett.

This weekend you can buy just about any clothing: pants, shirts, shoes, hats and much more tax free as long as each item totals less than $100.

"I know that the economy may have been up and down that there are people who have lost jobs and people who may struggle," said Jones.

While shoppers are making their lists Jones said the stores are getting ready too.

"We've gone and done the next step to take things even lower so that they are more affordable and you can get more for your money," said Jones.

She said they are staying open later and are brining in more employees for what she believes will be a big weekend.

"I think the store will be as busy as it is during holiday traffic during Christmas traffic.  This is huge.  This is huge for our community and it's huge for Jonesboro," said Jones.

Other things you can buy tax free include accessories or equipment like makeup, jewelry and sunglasses as long as they are less than $50.

"I think a lot more people will probably go shopping now that there is not the sales tax," said Morrisett.

Other items included in the "tax free holiday" are any school supplies.  Tennessee and Missouri will also hold their tax free events this weekend.

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