KAIT's mobile site and apps update (mobile edition)

Users of KAIT's web technologies have no doubt seen many changes over the past few weeks.

Now that the dust has settled on most of our upgrades, here's an update on the status of our mobile products:

The completely new, improved, and still free, Region 8 News app is now available in the marketplace associated with your smartphone - clicking the links above will take you directly to the download areas, expand the image below to use QR Codes, or you can simply search 'KAIT' in Apple's App Store, Android Market, or Blackberry App World.

FAQ: What's so great about the new Region 8 News app? In addition to all the news, weather, and sports content you've come to expect with our old app, the new app now plays video, has much improved ways you can share pictures or video, send in news tips, offers breaking news alerts, and, of course, share stories and images via Facebook and Twitter.

To save space on your smartphone and assure you are getting the latest updates from the Region 8 newsroom, we advise users to uninstall our old news app as soon as possible.

FAQ: I've already installed the new Region 8 News app, how do I know which one to uninstall now?  The old app can be identified by its association with a company called LSN Mobile which is listed in the installation information - this is the one to UNinstall.  The new app has our parent company, Raycom Media, associated with it.

  • Region8ToGo.com mobile site for smartphones and Internet-enabled feature phones such as a Motorola Tundra, Nokia 6350, Samsung Rugby II, etc. (Note: this is the same mobile site originally known as K8ToGo.com and can also accessed by using m.kait8.com )

Over 300,000 daily unique visitors visited our mobile web site in July, and each will be glad to know that upgrading to the new mobile site should require little or no intervention on their part.  Mobile site users will simply see the new upgrade.

FAQ: A few users report that the mobile site is not working, or that they have 'lost it'.  Some users may need to clear the cache of their phone's mobile browser to use the new upgraded site.  This is actually something that needs to be done occasionally with most phones anyway.

FAQ: What's the differences in the Region 8 News APP and mobile SITE? As stated above, the APP requires a supported smartphone to run it - iPhones, most Androids, and Blackberrys.   The APP installs on your phone, and gives you the added abilities to watch video, send in pictures, and receive breaking news notifications.  While lacking these added abilities, the mobile SITE will run on any Internet-enabled feature phone that offers web browsing, by just accessing any one of the mobile URLs above without having to install anything.

Advanced enough for weather watching enthusiasts, yet easy enough to use for the rest of us, the Region 8 StormTEAM's weather app features an interactive radar with pan and zoom, weather watch and warnings map displays, along with notification alerts for severe weather as it happens. A 10-day forecast is always available at your fingertips, current conditions, screen widgets, plus video clips of StormTEAM forecasts from our weather studios along with other weather-related videos.  Available for iPhones and Androids by searching on 'KAIT' in your respective marketplaces.