Nordex employees give teachers lessons

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Around thirty teachers gathered together at the Nordex plant in Jonesboro on Wednesday.

These teachers were brushing up on their science and math skills in relation to wind energy.

A one day workshop was held where Nordex experts gave one on one lessons and demonstrations of how wind energy works.

Head of the Science Department in Osceola, Norma Cooper, says everyone should get on board when it comes to implementing wind energy in the classroom and this workshop is a great way to get started.

"This is hands on that we can take back to our classroom and actually teach the kids about it. this is their future. we won't be here when we have wind farms all over the united states, but that's our future and it's real, real important."

Teachers constructed a wind generator and then were given materials to take back to their classroom so they could construct another with their students.

Health Safety and Environmental Officer with Nordex, Jack Ladyman, says this was an opportunity to shed some light on a subject people may be unaware of.

"This is a renewable energy source that we all need to understand. We need to understand there are multiple sources of production and we want everyone to be aware of this type of renewable energy production. And we would like the students to have a general knowledge of our industry."

Cooper says she can't wait to get started, "We do many projects, we're small projects dealing with solar energy and so I was looking for something to demonstrate on how important wind energy is because we get a lot of wind."

Cooper mentioned the idea of having students create a small version of a windmill and put it to use at the school.

Perhaps having it power something such as a greenhouse.

This is the first time Nordex has hosted such a program and the teachers in attendance hope it won't be their last.

For a more information about Nordex, log onto their website.

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