A local church is providing more than spiritual guidance

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The congregation of a Region 8 church has been working hard to help families get everything their kids need for the new school year.

Living Word Church in Jonesboro is hosting its second annual school supply give away called, "Kids Crusade".

The event kicks of Saturday, August 6th at ten.

A variety of games and entertainment will be taking place and around eleven the first three hundred children will receive a free back pack full of school supplies.

Pastor Denny Beavers of Living Word Church says he and his congregation just want to help.

"We've been having what we call the Children's Crusade all week, collecting donations for schools supplies," Beavers said.  "Tomorrow the first three hundred kids grades Kindergarten through sixth grade can receive a free backpack full of school supplies. We know a lot of families need help during the school season and we just want to be a blessing."

Living Word Church member Abigail Smith says she volunteered to help out because she knows first hand what it's like.

"Growing up I knew it was hard on my mom, we had four kids in my family, so it was a burden trying to get all the school supplies," said Smith.  "When I learned the church was doing this I wanted to be a blessing to the community along with the rest of the church and help out."

Pastor Beavers says he and his members understand how hard it can be.

"We just look for ways to be a blessing to the community," he said.  "We know the school year between clothing, back packs, school supplies it's always a big burden on families. Especially, if you have several children. So, we just thought it would be a good way to help some of the families in our church as well as those in the community that need help this time of year as well."

Smith says helping out with something like this is something everyone should participate in.

"It's giving back to the community and helping those around us and I think it's a need in the community so why not help full fill it."

Pastor Beavers says they're just trying to practice what they preach and follow their motto.

"Our motto here, at our church, is 'our passion, God, and our mission, people.' So, we're just here to serve people and it feels good to help people," he said"

Pastor Beavers says they managed to help around one hundred and eighty children last year.

This year they're hoping to beat that record.

They'll also be serving free hot dogs and drinks.

For more information about Living Word Church, log onto their website.

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