Jonesboro Animal Control sees decrease of wildlife in town

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - They're those critters that come out at night, and ravage through your trash. But lately, Jonesboro Animal Control has seen a drastic drop in the number of wildlife calls in town, which now has officers question what's going on? It was just a few months ago that officers were receiving at least 3 wildlife calls a day.

"We've seen possums, raccoons. Lots of ground hogs. Lots of armadillos," said Jonesboro Animal Control Officer Beth Grant.

For a while there, Grant had her hands full with all the wildlife calls in town. "They were falling out of people's roofs and over hangs. They'd be in their yard and they'd call us. We were picking up two to three a day we had several," said Grant.

But lately, it's gone from one extreme to another. Grant says she didn't know what to think. "Because we were picking up so many there for a while,and all of a sudden it just stop. Well, it didn't stop it just slowed down a whole lot," said Grant.

While they can't exactly put their figure on what's caused the changed, they do have some ideas. "Breeding season is over with, there's also a lot of natural food sources available. So they're not having to scavenge as much, and the heat could be slowing them down," said Grant. But says it could be something bigger. "They deal with a lot of disease, a lot of distemper, and again the city taking over their habitat, there's going to be a decrease," said Grant.

While Grant says the drop is a concern, she does have a positive outlook for the future. "I'm sure we'll see an increase again as fall comes in, but we have seen a dramatic decrease though. So it is a little concerning," said Grant.

If you have a pesky critter problem, you can call Jonesboro Animal Control at (870) 935-3520.

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