2011 NEA District Fair will be at its current site

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The 2011 NEA District Fair is just around the corner and everyone's been buzzing about where it's going to be.

District Fair Manager Jerry Reece says it's taking place at the current site.

"There won't be many changes in this year's fair," he said. "We're still going to produce a top notch fair. The only thing that will not be in the fair that has been in the past is the demolition derby and the lawn mower races."

A big question on people's minds is parking and whether or not it will be a problem.

Reece says they're already working on it, "We will sacrifice a little bit of parking in the early part of the week on Stadium, but the Fair Board is working on plans to alleviate that and make it up."

Reece says they've also relocated and added additional handicap parking spaces to the west side of the educational building.

A few things have been moved to a new location this year.

"The cattle will be shown in a 100 by 200 tent down where the arena previously was," he said.  "The Grandstand show has been relocated to the front of the swine barn, with a professional stage company coming in to produce that."

Reece says he thinks this change will be an advantage.

"This will probably be a better situation because it will be closer between the artists and the fans. They'll have a closer view than at the previous site and the artists always wanted to be closer to the fans than at our other one so, that's going to be a plus for us."

Reece says the livestock won't be sticking around this year.

"The livestock will be shown one day and be released the next, depending on what category they're in. By Friday and Saturday there will be no livestock on the fairgrounds and this will make room for additional parking."

Reece says they expect this to be a record year because this will be the last year for the fair at the current site.

It was moved the current site around 1957.

Next year, the fair will take place at it's new site on highway 49 north in the Farville area.

"We're excited about that. They've started the dirt work over there, getting it prepped up and ready to go."

Reece says the move is necessary and a little bittersweet.

"It'll be a little sad come Saturday night because it's the last year for the fair here. But it's time for us to go. We've outgrown the current location."

The performance line up will be David Nail on Monday, September 19th.

On Tuesday, September 20th, Josh Thompson will perform.

Thursday, September 22nd is the gospel group The Martins and to finish the week on Saturday, September 24th, is John Conley.

For more information about the Northeast Arkansas District Fair, log onto their website.

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