Sheriff departments hacked to show power

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) -A number of law enforcement agencies were hacked by a group named "anonymous," the Missouri Sheriffs Association being one of them.

The group accessed the information by hacking a company called Brooks Jeffery, which advertises and runs websites for organizations like the Missouri Sheriffs Association.

Cape Girardeau Sheriff John Jordan says from his understanding, the group's main purpose for hacking the information is to embarrass and show their power.

He says the information stolen was from people that work for the department, not citizens.

Jordan says this reminds law enforcement how frustrating this type of crime is for the victim.

"Of course the thing going around the Sheriff's Association last week was, 'we've been hacked, and we're hacked,'" said Jordan. "So we're no different from anyone else, it's very frustrating, and so I think it gives us a healthy appreciation now even more so to say it happened to us too."

Jordan says the FBI is investigating, but all agencies should be on alert.

"Missouri and Arkansas got hit this time, and Arizona had been hit prior, so all I can say is, the other states need to watch out, because these folks like to get this kind of information and say hey we one upped the government," said Jordan.

Jordan says these type of cases can be difficult because the criminal is often overseas in another country.

If you discover any of your personal information is ever stolen, it's important to call the credit unions to put a monitor on your credit report for 90 days.

A Brooks Jeffery representative says the company does not want to release a statement at this time.

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