Symposium to improve education quality in Mississippi Co.

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) -The Arkansas Northeastern College campus was alive with educators today.

There are six actually almost 7 school districts in Mississippi County. That means there were nearly 400 High School and College teachers attending the sessions here at ANC.

ANC President Dr. Robin Meyers said this is the first time that school teachers and college teachers have trained together.

Myers, "For the past 6 or months we have worked tirelessly to put this thing together. The staff here at the college and many of the public educators across the county have worked together."

Considering the counties size, many of these teachers have never attended training together before or learned these new educational techniques.

Richard Atwell the Superintendent of the Blytheville School District praised the joint training. "Got a lot of progressive techniques that are in education now a days and instead of one group of teachers or one school getting those. We're getting the very best all across Mississippi County."

Besides large group sessions that focused a lot on motivation both for teachers and students. Other sessions included new ideas for core classes and leadership.

South Mississippi School District Superintendent Gary Masters says he expects his teachers to come home filled with enthusiasm and new ideas.

Masters, "We're facing a lot of changes across the state and nation with common core and I know there will be information presented here."

Atwell, "The training should be in common because we all have children who are in common. With the commonalities in children the partnership is wonderful for this."

Besides the big group sessions there were a series of smaller break-out sessions with a variety of topics all aimed at helping teachers deal with issues and material presentation.

Monday will be Amanda Hendon's first day of teaching in her own classroom. We asked her what she will take away from this conference.

Hendon, "To learn about how to make my syllabus more interactive and hopefully the students will be able to listen to what I am saying the first day of school. I'm super excited about today, I'm learning a lot."

And that is what the purpose of the Symposium is aimed at. Dr. Myers says it's all about techniques.

Myers. "Regardless of the age level that you are teaching it's the dynamics of the classroom. And it's the availability of you to be able to bring forth different teaching styles for the different kinds of learners that we have."

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