Domestic Violence in Northeast Arkansas

Donna Winters' murder comes just 3 days after Stephen Daugherty of Jonesboro pleaded guilty to killing his wife a year ago.

Vicki Gestring with the Northeast Arkansas Council on Family Violence is upset about what happened to Donna Winters, because like many victims, she says this could have been prevented.

"I can tell you that everyone knows someone that is being affected by domestic abuse," said Gestring..

Gestring is urging employees, school teachers, friends and family to educate themselves on the warning signs of abuse, and she says most of them are invisible.

"Withdrawing from family and friends would probably be the number one sign, missing work, and having vague types of illnesses," said Gestring.

Gestring says in typical domestic disputes there can be a point of no return. She says when someone attempts to leave a batterer that is when he realizes he may no longer have total control over his victim and to him that is the breaking point.

"The point of saying that is not to encourage women to stay, it is to encourage women to get professional help and a safety plan," added Gesturing.

If you feel like a victim of domestic violence or you're interested in starting a workplace prevention group, contact the Northeast Arkansas Council on Family Violence.

The Crisis Line is 870-933-9449.