Saving Your Smile

November 13, 2003--Posted at 10:00 p.m.

Jonesboro, AR--Recent statistics show only 50% of Americans are truly satisfied with their own smiles, but with the help of a cosmetic dentist that can all change.

Maureen Chase had covered her smile for 25 years but in a matter of just 6 weeks she changed everything with the help of Dr. John Rowe.

"I know I have a nice smile," said Chase, "at least my husband tells me I do, but I really want it to be perfect.  I want to be happy when I smile and not be self conscience."

In assessing her teeth, Dr. Rowe said, "Maureen has a beautiful, broade her smile.  I want to get rid of the chipping and the discoloration."

Those things were the result of a childhood diving accident 25 years ago.

"I think it's like any thing else, when you look in the mirror and say i'm not happy with this or that, it's there everyday.  And nowadays it's something you can fix," said Maureen.

Dr. Rowe said he strives for perfection and that perfection comes in the form of porcelin veneers.

"A porcelin veneer is a thin porcelin shell that is reinforced by the backing of the natural teeth structure," said Rowe.  "The teeth are made of several layers of structure, they are a living part of your body.  They have an outer protective layer that we'll be replacing with bonded porcelin that chemically bonds with the front of the tooth."

Veneers are all the rage in Hollywood, deemed as the "scapeless face lift." But it does involve taking away a thin layer of enamel from each tooth and that means the drill.

"We don't want to take away too much, there's nothing better than what the big guy upstairs gave you," said Dr. Rowe.  "We want the appropriate amount of tooth under the veneer to make it strong. but if you don't take away enough tooth, it'll look fake."

Maureen doesn't feel a thing, but what she does feel is the back massager on her chair while watching one of her favorite dvd's.  And before you know it, she's got her temporary veneers in place.

"Oh my God.  Wow!" exclaimed Maureen as she looked in the mirror. 

Dr. Rowe compares his craft to that of an artist working on his next masterpiece.  "The teeth are the picture, the lips are the frame and the gums are the matt," said Rowe.  "You can't just treat one thing in order to achieve a masterpiece."

After four weeks with her temporary teeth, Maureen went back to the chair, ready for Dr. Rowe to finish his work of art.   And just minutes after sitting down, her new veneers were in place.

When handed a mirror for the first time, Maureen in shocked disbelief cried, "Oh my gosh, is this me?!"

"That's the greatest feeling in the world, to have an impact on someones life, said Dr. Rowe.  "Not only to change their smile, but actually see the impact on someone's life is priceless."

Maureen can't stop smiling.   "It's hard, cause for so long I was very shy about my smile, I'd cover my mouth and it just got to be a habit," said Maureen.  "Now, I'm just smiling away and everyone is noticing.  It's nice to smile, smiles are contagious, so I love it."

The cost of major mouth makeover like Maureen's is about $10,000 dollars, but the price varries.  Maureen had 10 teeth repaired.

Dr. Rowe said, "Most patients look at as an investment, not an expense.  Especially when you spread out that cost over a lifetime."

Now here's your chance to get an extreme smile makeover for free. Dr.'s John and Kristi Rowe are offering someone in Region 8 a free smile makeover.

For more on the details on the smile giveaway go to their website at or call Dr. Rowe's office at 932-4126.