First draw for WMA deer permits complete

First draw for WMA deer permits complete LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – The first drawing for Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Wildlife Management Area permit deer hunts is complete. Permit winners must pay for their permit by Friday, Aug. 19.

Successful applicants who supplied an e-mail address will receive a message notifying them of their lucky draw. Unsuccessful applicants will not receive an e-mail.

"Permits that aren't paid for by the 19th will go back for a second drawing," said Brad Miller, AGFC Assistant Chief of Wildlife. "We don't send out an unsuccessful e-mail to anyone until all the drawings are complete. We don't want to confuse anyone with contradicting messages."

Permit status is available at Successful applicants can pay for their permit online or at any AGFC regional office.

"When an applicant pays for their permit online, they will be prompted to print their permit on their home computer," said Miller. "They need to make sure they print their permit and not just a receipt."

For more information on the permit process, contact 501-223-6359 or email