Clinton Donor Convicted

November 14, 2003  -- Posted at 7:12 AM CDT

MIAMI, FL  --A man who illegally contributed to the campaigns of then-President Clinton and other Democrats is going to prison for more than two years.

Filipino businessman Mark Jimenez used money from his Miami company and a closely related one to reimburse employees for illegal donations.

He later became a confidante of Philippine President Joseph Estrada before he was driven from office. Jimenez was also ordered to pay more than one  million dollars in restitution after his guilty plea to election conspiracy and tax evasion charges.

He handed over a check for the first 400-thousand dollars. Jimenez moved home to the Philippines after Clinton was caught up in fund-raising scandals.

He was elected to the Philippine Congress, but was ousted after his extradition. Jimenez says he hopes his guilty plea will serve as ``a moral lesson in my country'' where political corruption is frequently alleged but rarely admitted.

Estrada is on trial in the Philippines for allegedly plundering the national treasury.

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