Bus routes and more to change for Lake City School District

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) -With school opening on Aug 15, the Lake City School District will have some changes in bus route and drop-off and pick-up at the new high school located alongside Highway 18.

First off, what time does school start?

Chad Jordan the High School Principal said there will be some changes in several areas.

Jordan, "The first bell will ring at 7:55, tardy bell will ring at 8 o'clock."

There will be no student drop-offs in front, that's school bus territory.

Jordan, "In the front of the building the buses will roll through,and they will come in and they'll come through the circle drive and they will drop off at the front." Once the buses load or unload they will exit to the East and either head toward the elementary school or onto Highway 18. Caraway will bring 3 buses of kids to the school.

Jordan says student pick up and drop off will be at the back of the building. There are two entrances to the parking lot. Those dropping off or picking up students must use the North entry.

Jordan, "When they enter they will come around the light pole and they'll come around the parking space and they'll come to the sidewalk where they will pick up and drop off their students."

There will also be bell changes in the afternoon Jodan says. "The buses and drivers will be leaving at 3:15. We will be ringing another bell at 3:20 for students to get out of school that are being picked up by their parents."

Students that drive use the South rear entrance to the parking lot. Jordan, "They'll not be allowed to use the first two rows of parking. All the rest will be student parking." Student drivers will be directed to turn South to 4th street instead of going directly to Highway 18.

Dismissal time will also change at Westside elementary school.

Jordan, "Parent pick up and drop offs will remain the same as last year but they will release at 3:10 for parent pickups."

Since the old Junior-Senior High School  is closed there will be 6 pickup points in Lake City to pick up kids and take them to the new school. Those will be at the East and West ends of Dealyn, Estelle and Franklin. Pick up time starts at 7:15.

Normally traffic runs at 45 through the town. Now with school in session, new signage says it's 25 when students are present. Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan says the new 25 miles per hour signs will soon have flashing lights and back up.

Milligan, "And the cops will be there enforcing that, there are signs up were waiting on some pieces to get them up." Milligan says there will be police present at the school enforcing the speed limits due to the heavy traffic in the morning through that area.

There will also be school officials outside to show parents and students where to drive and park until a routine is established.

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