Local lawn services have taken a hit from the drought

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The benefits of this spring's heavy rain are only a memory now, as the summer continues to bring excessive heat and a lack of rain to Region 8.

Business has been good for some local lawn services such as Tosh Lawn Care, but owner Charles Tosh says they have taken a hit from the drought.

"...since the hot dry weather has hit, it has hurt our revenue coming in because there's a lot of yards that we will just not mow because they don't need it. They're burned up. They're not growing. And there's no reason to mow a customer's yard if it doesn't need it."

With temperatures this summer averaging five to six degrees above normal, grass has little time to recover overnight.

Tosh says that with proper irrigation and the occasional fertilization, you can battle the heat and keep your lawn looking green.

"If they would start watering late at nights between twelve and six in the morning when the demand for water is lower, it would actually do better for the lawns. Because you don't get as much evaporation and you get more penetration in the ground, because the ground actually has time to soak it up before the sun gets there to evaporate it."

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