Region 8 Cancer Gala

In 1999, Harold Perrin was diagnosed with Prostate cancer.

He credits his survival to events like this, the 3rd Annual American Cancer Society Gala.

((Prostate Cancer up to ten years ago: We couldnt detect it and that is simply because of research.))

The Gala auction, along with the annual relay for life, is the only yearly events in Craighead County who's proceeds go directly to cancer research.

Organizers say community support is what's making the difference.

((Jana Culbreath: Northeast Arkansas is very supportive. We only have 2 fundraisers a year, the relay for life and the gala, but we are raising a lot of money here in Craighead County.))

Perrin says he felt denial and alone when he was first told he had cancer, but adds he soon found out there was an entire community supporting him.

((Harold Perrin/Cancer Survivor: Tonight is wonderful. To save money for future research, it is just a wonderful night.))

Perrin says he leaned on his family for support through his bouts with cancer, but now he knows his family is much larger due to the selfless giving of others.

In Jonesboro, Ron Smiley K8 news.