Students celebrate the first day of school in new school

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) – Some families in Region 8 started off their morning sending their kids to their first day back at school.  Students at Riverside High School stepped off the bus on Monday and started a whole new chapter for the school.

"It's phenomenal.  I love it.  It's really, really exciting just to be in a new school," said high school senior Kayla Rolland.

"The kids are so excited to be here.  They are so excited to begin a new school year," said teacher Ashley Ziegler.

Rolland serves as the Student Council President and said she always looks forward to the first day back.

"We haven't been here for two months so when we walk in it's like we're getting to start fresh again," said Rolland.

Students are "learning" right out of the gate.  Many were carrying maps of the new campus as they navigated hallways, classrooms and even met new teachers.

"7th graders are brand new.  They don't really know what to do so it's fun kind of getting adjusted for everyone for their classes and to the students," said Ziegler.

She said this first week can be tough for both students and teachers.

"You get to know your kids.  You get to know really who likes what and who they really are," said Ziegler.
Teachers kicked off the first class of the day going over their plans for the year.

"We are going to do everything we can to really hit it hard the first week and get to know your kids and make that the way that it is for the whole school year," said Ziegler.

"It will be a work in progress but we'll get there and just keep in mind we want to get kids here safe.  That's our number one priority.  We want to get them to school safely and we want to get them home safely," said Principal Chad Jordan.

To ensure students are safe around the school officers are doing extra patrols for the first week of class.

Principal Jordan wants to remind parents and students that the front of the school is for bus drop off only.

At the back of the school parents will use the north entrance and students will use the south entrance.

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