Senator Mark Pryor visits Region 8

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) --Senator Mark Pryor was in Region 8 on Wednesday visiting factories and hospitals in Mississippi County and Craighead county.

Pryor started out his day with a visit to Nucor-Yamato and then moved on to the Ipsco pipe manufacturing plant. Ipsco pipe is generally used in the oil and gas industry.

Before touring the plant, Pryor received a briefing from company chairman Piotr Galitzine on how the pipe was being used here in Arkansas in the drilling process for natural gas.

Pryor then toured the manufacturing and treating areas of the pipe plant as well as the yard where the finished product is stored until sent out to fill orders.

Pryor said one of the purposes of this trip is to gather information for the fall Senate session.

Pryor, "One of the things I hope we get very serious on this fall in Washington is job creation and the economy. This is a great reminder for me and it's a great way for me to go back to D.C. and tell people the story of what's going on here in Mississippi and Craighead county."

Pryor says that Northeast Arkansas sets the example that good quality products can still be made and sold in America.

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