Paragould homicide suspect found

Marlin D. Stevenson (Source: Paragould Police Department)
Marlin D. Stevenson (Source: Paragould Police Department)

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Paragould Police have arrested the man wanted for questioning in Wednesday night's fatal stabbing.

Marlin D. Stevenson, according to Paragould Police, was taken into custody Thursday night.  Police say Stevenson was arrested without incident just after 8:30pm.  No other information was released concerning the arrest.

The incident happened at 205 South 18th Avenue in Paragould, in the eastern part of the city.  For the past couple of months, police have been focusing patrols on the eastern side of the city hoping to bring down the crime rate.  The fatal stabbing brings new attention to a stigma this area will likely always hold as being the bad part of the city.

"When officers arrived here they located the victim who was identified as Michael Fox.  He was laying in front of the house in the driveway.  He had been stabbed multiple times," said Corporal Jack Hailey with the Paragould Police Department.

Cpl. Hailey said this is their first murder this year.

"I don't think you can say that this is typical or this is something we encounter quite often.  I think this was an isolated incident," said Hailey.

But an incident that did happen in a part of town officers have  been trying to change.

"This type of thing is one of the reasons we've focused our extra patrol in this area because of the volume of calls that we get," said Hailey.

Hailey said the two men were room-mates living in this house.

"It was basically a domestic that went bad and got a little bit more heated than what it should have and this is the result of it," said Hailey.

He doesn't think neighbors should worry about more incidents like this happening.

"You can't stop everything.  You can't be right where something is happening all of the time," said Hailey.

Many view the east side of Paragould as the bad side of town and it's something every town deals with. Since the extra patrols started people are getting used to seeing the police officers not only when bad things happen.

"We've noticed more acceptance from the public.  There is a lot more of them who will come out and stop us to talk to us and it has made a difference," said Hailey.

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