Business leaders get a lesson in customer service

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The final luncheon in a three part series took place on Thursday at the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber members gathered together to listen to Chick-fil-a owner, Mike Fullington, speak to them about customer service and going that extra mile.

"We can actually provide customer service to such a high level that we not only impact the moment that the people are with us," Fullington said.  "We can impact their day, we can impact their entire life."

Cari White, Chief Operating Officer of the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce, says their main goal is to help provide local businessmen with valuable information.

"We are so proud to bring educational seminars and luncheons to the Chamber of Commerce members," said White.  "Well over half of our members is small business, so the target of our summer luncheon series is to bring beneficial information to each of our businesses so they can take that back and actually implement it into their workforce."

White says they've been doing this luncheon series for many years and they actually look to chamber members to discover what it is they want to hear about.

"Mr. Fullington does a wonderful presentation on second mile service. He has done this for us a couple of times during the year and we wanted to bring it to the full membership," she said. "He will be talking about how customer service is more than 'thank you very much'. There's a second mile you can go to make sure your customers are satisfied and it is a wonderful presentation and we're thrilled he's able to do this for us."

Fullington says this above and beyond attitude to service the customer is something they start working on with employees from day one.

"At the time we hire an employee, we make it very clear that they have to have a certain spirit," he said.  "This is not something we can train. We can train skills, but not a heart that desires to serve others so that's something we look for and encourage our folks to really develop."

White says they first started holding luncheons like these to help businessmen get helpful information to improve their business they might not otherwise get.

"We believe because we are in Northeast Arkansas and because we're the largest town in Northeast Arkansas that sometimes it's hard for us to get to professional development seminars if we have to travel to Little Rock, Memphis or other cities. We try to bring that to you. We try to bring it home. It's important for our businesses to stay competitive and we believe as a chamber that it's our job to bring important information to them that they can use in their businesses."

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