Looming winter could delay flood repairs for Randolph County

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - For Randolph County Judge David Jansen, all it takes is a little rain and he's reminded of how high the water rose along the Black River early this past spring.

Budget concerns and the winter season looming on the horizon have county workers hurrying to finish repairs.

"We've had to use a lot of extra fuel, we've had about every piece of equipment we've had operating. That takes a lot more fuel. We've used a lot more rock. It's a lot of expenses incurred when you get into a disaster."

Jansen says FEMA has yet to submit funding for the rebuilding effort.

"We've got some bridges that we've got to get repaired. And a lot of the crops are going to be late so that's going to be an issue. We need a late fall this year so that our farmers can get their crops out of the field, you know, at a later time. To be getting ready for winter, we're a long way off."

Months after the historic flood, thirteen levee breaches have yet to be repaired in Randolph County.

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