ASU students prepare for first day of classes

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Monday classes kick off at Arkansas State University, with many students taking this weekend to get in gear. Many using the time to get moved-in. Meredith Scott made the long haul up three flights of stairs, and down the hall, opening the door to a new year. Scott is from Bryant, AR and it's here first year at ASU. "I just transferred here from a two years school. So it's actually my first time to live on campus," said Scott, and to be this far home. "Yeah this is kind of hard on my parents because I'm not just a town away. I'm two and half hours away."

Alex Walls is going into her sophomore year, and says it's been a long weekend. Not only did she have to move herself in, but spent yesterday helping the freshman students get situated. "It's been horrible. I've had about 30 minutes of sleep this whole weekend. Hopefully I'll get some sleep next week, but probably won't since it's the first week of school," said Walls.

Classes kick into high gear Monday, and Walls still has some last minute necessities to check off the list. Of course, the first day always comes with uncertainty. "I'm excited but not. I still haven't gotten my books yet. So I have to go get them today. Hopefully it goes good because you never know how the teachers are going to be until you meet them," said Walls.

And she wasn't alone. The bookstore was hopping. Students lined up to pick up books, grab notebooks, anything to slide back to class with ease. Others, like Zac Banter, had their own pre-class agendas. "I'm walking to meet some upper classmen who are going to show me where my classes are," said Banter.

It's Zac's freshman year at ASU and says he's ready to put the first day behind him. "Yeah I'm excited a little nervous, but hoping the first day of classes will work some of that out," said Banter.

And with any new year, whether you're a freshman or senior there's new goals, and new challenges.

"My vet Anatomy and Physiology class. It's going to be hard," said Walls.

"I guess because I'm starting all of my mayor classes and the work load that goes along with that. Just making sure I have the motivation," said Scott.

According the Associated Press, dorm rooms have almost reached maximum capacity. University officials say there's a possibility they may even have to get assistance from a local hotel to put up some students this fall.

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