Crawford pushes for a balanced budget

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A local congressman is hitting the road across the state to make voters aware of a new amendment.

On Monday, Congressman Rick Crawford is talking to Arkansans about the "Balanced Budget Amendment".

Crawford believes this amendment will help alleviate some of the budgetary problems in our government and prevent the nation from getting in this state again.

"It binds the hands of congress and makes sure that congress doesn't put us in this situation again with out of control spending."

This new amendment is a form of checks and balances system.

"It's a constitutional amendment that requires congress to essentially spend within it's means" Crawford said.  "You don't spend more money than you take in. The spending caps will be tied to a percentage of Gross Domestic Product and there is an emergency provision there that will allow to exceed those spending limits in time of National Emergency."

A three fifths majority vote is required in both chambers to raise the spending limit in time of national emergency.

Crawford says he's also hoping for an even divide among the different groups when budget cuts are made.

"What I'm asking people in Washington to do is let's not let any one group bear more than there fair share of the burden here," he said.  "We're gonna have to sharpen our pencils, here, and do due diligence so that we're not taking the cuts out of one particular program."

Crawford's main goal is to make people aware of this new amendment in the hopes that it passes and begins to fix the country's current financial problems.

"I would like to see this balance budget amendment passed in both chambers, sent to the states and ratified as quickly as possible so we can move on with trying to get our country's fiscal house in order."

For more information about the Balance Budget Amendment, log onto this website.

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