Group of parents offer rides home to underage drinkers

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA (KAIT) - A group of parents in Washington are raising eyebrows this morning with their idea to help keep underage teens off the road.

The parents starting the "Won't ask, Won't tell Bainbridge" page on Facebook.  The page is designed for parents to leave their phone numbers so if a teen who has been drinking needs a ride home they get it, no questions asked.

The page starting after a recent drunk driving accident involving a pair of 18-year olds.

Parent Marijane Milton says the idea is designed to keep teens safe and is for kids that, "who just feel like I don't trust my ride, I don't trust myself to drive, I made a mistake and I need help."

Milton also says people shouldn't mistake this for a taxi service for underage kids who want to get drunk and hopes it sparks conservation between teens and their parents.

So far, several parents have posted their numbers on the site and at least one teen has taken advantage of the service.

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