West Memphis 3's body language suggests innocence, expert says


(WMC-TV) - A body language expert is offering unique perspective on the behavior of the West Memphis 3 since their release from prison Friday.

Monday, body language expert Marti Miller did not mince words in her analysis of the West Memphis Three.

"These kids did not do this," she said. "They did not."

Miller believes Damien Echols' body language shows openness.

"You see that one hand gesture when his hand comes out like this?  It's showing that he's telling you the truth.  He's hones - he's open," Miller said.

Miller said Misskelly is not a typical body language subject because he appears to exhibit arrested development. Misskelly's first stop after prison was a family barbecue.

"Because of the arrested development, his needs wants and desires are different," Miller said. "He wants to be with family. He wants to be with friends. He needs that closeness again."
Jason Baldwin, Miller said, appears forthright, particularly because he spoke so freely with Action News 5 during impromptu encounters over the weekend.

"If he was guilty, he would not necessarily be talking to the press," she said. "He'd be holding his head down, his shoulders down. He would be looking down more."

So why is Echols more shy with the press? Miller believes his behavior has more to do with the fact that he has been in an small jail cell for the last 18 years, with just one hour out in the open per day.

"He's going to have to get acclimated just to the fact that there are humans around him," she said. "See, the other boys were not in isolation. He was."

According to Miller's overall body language assessment, each of the West Memphis 3 will adjust to the outside world at different speeds.

"Jason's going to be fine because he had interaction with other people," she said. "It's going to be tough on Damien. He will pull through it."

What about MIsskelly?

"He'll be fine, because he's going to stay in mama's arms," Miller said.

Miller has a masters certificate from the Body Language Institute out of Washington, D.C.

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