Dealing with mosquitoes during the worst months

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For the past couple of weeks,  mosquitoes have been exceptionally ferocious.

Tom Royals, with Vector Disease Control, says July and August are usually the worst months. But, where are they all coming from and can anything be done to make you less vulnerable?

Royals says this infestation is fairly normal. "Just got here a little bit later this year. It's been a very unusual summer so hopefully we won't have too much longer with this and they will start dwindling back down again. But I right now I know everyone is being eaten alive."

Arnetta Tubbs lives out on a rural county road near several purpose flooded fields. Tubbs says the mosquitoes always seem to be around.

Tubbs, "It seems like they don't hunt a shade to get in , they are out working."

Vector does most of it's spraying at night time. During the day they check mosquito breeding areas around towns they contract with. Hansel Stephens showed me larvae in a pool just recently treated. The cup he dipped the water out of had numerous baby mosquitos swimming in it. He put a couple of cupfuls of mosquito killer into the water that had just been treated a couple of days ago.

Royals says that he really believes that most of the insects are coming from rice fields. "Well we went through the long dry period so they didn't have a lot of water to reproduce in. the main thing we are seeing right now what are typically mosquitoes out of the rice fields that's about the one place they do have water to breed in. The rice went in late some places and that's why they are hitting us a little later in the season than usual."

Vector has stepped up it's program, adding more drivers and increasing the potencies of it's spray chemical. Royals also said they may bring the plane in a couple more times to fly the town.

Basically it's just a matter of waiting the bugs out. "But, " Royals said. "If you go outside you need to spray up."

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