The American Red Cross is heading to South Carolina

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As Hurricane Irene heads to South Carolina, so are members of the American Red Cross. Shelter Manager and volunteer Henry Mitchell says Wednesday morning they are sending two volunteers with their Emergency Response Vehicle.

The ERV is used to haul supplies and serve as a feeding station, and Mitchell says they're headed to Columbia, South Carolina first. "They're being sent to a staging area first that is safe and out of the hurricanes range."

Mitchell says after they see where the hurricane hits and what damage is done, and then it will determine where the vehicle will go.

Mitchell says right now all that's being sent are two volunteers and the ERV vehicle. "The supplies will be gathered locally after the vehicle is there and how the vehicle will be used will be up to the people that are there."

Sue Southard with the American Red Cross says while they may need additional help in the days to come, that's not the case right now. "The ERV is being sent to the staging area so that we can determine what will be needed in that area. After the hurricane hits, if there is a need for additional volunteers the national organization will send out information."

Mitchell says the decision to go and get in position, just in case, was made based on weather reports they had been following. "We've been watching the weather on a regular basis and the National Weather Service has said this could come up to a level four category. So, the national chapters are preparing for the possible damage the hurricane could do."

Mitchell says they are going to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Southard says monetary donations work best when trying to give.

For more information about the American Red Cross and how you can help, log onto website.

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