ASP says Harrisburg killings were double murder-suicide

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) – Arkansas State Police say three people killed in Harrisburg was the result of a double murder-suicide.

According to Arkansas State Police Public Information Officer Bill Sadler, the state crime lab concluded the gun found beside Patricia Leatherwood was also the handgun used to kill Greg and Kyle Leatherwood.

ASP released the following statement by e-mail to Region 8 News:

Based on investigative findings coupled with an analysis report from the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory provided to Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police, Criminal Investigation Division and deputies of the Poinsett County Sheriff's Department, the deaths of Greg Leatherwood, his wife, Patricia and their son Kyle have been determined to be the result of murder-suicide.  The deaths are believed to have occurred on or about August 23, 2011. The bodies were discovered during the course of investigating a fire confined to the carport of the Leatherwood's home located near the intersection of Highways 163 and 14.  Inside the house authorities found the bodies of Greg and Patricia Leatherwood.  The body of Kyle Leatherwood was discovered later in an apartment adjoining the family's Harrisburg business property. The State Crime Laboratory report, based on examinations of the bodies and evidence submitted during the investigation, states each victim was shot with the same handgun found next to Patricia Leatherwood.

Arkansas State Police say, 55-year old Greg Leatherwood and his wife, 54-year old Patricia Leatherwood were found shot to death at their home off Highway 163 late August 23.

Police said after the bodies were discovered, they attempted to notify next of kin. That's when they found 30-year old Kyle Leatherwood shot to death at his apartment inside Poinsett Glass on Industrial.

Police were notified after a deputy spotted a fire at the Leatherwood home, and officers knocked on the door, couldn't get anyone to respond, so they entered the home and found the bodies of Greg and Patricia Leatherwood.

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