Commercial building permits mean lots of business for Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Besides the new hospital being constructed on the North end of Jonesboro, there is a lot of new stuff being built…but what exactly is coming in?

In addition to the new hospital and medical clinic, N-E-A  Baptist has plans on building a new cancer center.

Also, the new dialysis center is being built next to the Hill Top clinic.

We spoke with Jonesboro Planning Director Otis Spriggs, who says his office has issued about 20 permits for construction.

Spriggs, "Currently we have about 20 or so commercial projects under way or under permit at this time in Jonesboro."

Four of those permits are for Dollar General Stores. Spriggs, "We have 3 projects underway for Dollar General. 3 locations one on Southwest Drive, one on Gee street near the Huntington intersection and then the one on North Church."

When those are completed there will be seven stores in the city of Jonesboro.

We ran into Mike Kraus who was checking the progress on the new Team Clean carwash on Southwest drive, one of the many new commercial permits that the city has issued.

Kraus, "We've always felt that customers were looking for another side of town to be accessible that is to a good car wash. I think Southwest Drive speaks for itself." Kraus, who will manage both locations said Southwest has a good draw and a lot of traffic.

Many have wondered about the new building being built by Home Depot. I was thinking maybe a McDonald's close to my home? Turns out, it's a dental clinic.

The new Harps grocery store off Highland could pose traffic issues once it opens. The city has had to make some changes as far as access is concerned.

Spriggs, "You'll see a lot of highway improvements in terms of that intersection. There will be turning lane improvements that you see almost completed at this time."

Out on Latourette drive, there will be the new social security office and a new nursing home.

On Stadium, Chedders restaurant is nearing completion and work is moving along on Sissy's Log Cabin and Panera Bread. Also a new grocery store is slated for the area.

Spriggs, "And we should see construction occur on the east side of Stadium just South of the mall also on that project."

And perhaps the biggest news for those of you with a sweet tooth. The new building being built alongside Johnson across from Burger King,  will be a Dairy Queen.

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