New app to help OEM’s simulate earthquake damage

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's been a few years since we've had a large earthquake in Region 8, but the recent earthquakes in Virginia and across the country have local emergency management officials looking at new ways to handle natural disasters.

Developments in technology, such as a new iPad app named "SUMMIT", will let OEM Coordinators view damage up-close, and in real-time.

Craighead County's Director of Emergency Management David Moore believes the new app to be very beneficial.

"It gives you a ground-truth that's just unbelievable. I can take a map and have a satellite photo of the damage, and of an area and zoom in on it and say 'This house right here no longer exists.' Well, they're looking at marks on a screen. With SUMMIT, if they send that data back to me and if I am able to overlay that on it, they can say 'Well this house is not just damaged; this house is demolished.' They can get an overall picture of the entire thing."

The iPad app will be the emergency operations center's eyes on the ground and can also be used for future disaster training.

Users can point-and-click to capture and send damage pictures back to the headquarters to determine where to send search-and-rescue teams.

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