Coming attraction almost complete

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A long awaited attraction to the Lawrence County area is well on it's way to completion.

Metal craftsman Danny West is hard at work.

He's completing at twenty foot wide, ten feet tall tribute to the day the Beatles landed at the Walnut Ridge Airport in 1963.

West says this is the largest metal project he's ever attempted.

"I really wanted to do a large piece and this gave me the perfect opportunity. Hopefully, we'll bring some tourism into our city and give people something to see and talk about."

West says a number of surprises have popped up during this project.

"I didn't realize when I started how much time would be involved or so much excitement about it. That's what has really been rewarding, is to see so many people get behind it and bring some excitement to our town."

West says they started the project with a quarter inch aluminum sheet and fabricated the back drop and welded everything together.

Next, came the drawing process, which took several weeks, and finally brought Danny to his current step in the project.

"Now, it's a matter of tracing over each individual line with a very small grinder and polishing it here and there and working with different lighting to get the effect just right."

West says he's proud to be part of a project that will ultimately help the community.

"Helping the community is what it's all about and hopefully this will help spur others to get involved with other projects in our community."

West says he went with the silhouettes of the band members because he felt it was iconic and the album cover he chose to pattern is the one he felt was most recognizable.

The statue will be unveiled on September the 18th.

For more information about the Beatles Tribute, log onto this website.

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