Missouri Football news and notes

From the University of Missouri

Scoring Plays

T.J. Moe 10 yard pass from James Franklin

Grant Ressel 30-yard FG

Henry Josey 13-yard run

Jimmie Hunt 56-yard pass from Jimmy Costello

Andrew Jones 9-yard pass from Ashton Glaser

Passing Stats

James Franklin – 9/12, 82 yards, 1 TD

Jimmy Costello – 10/12, 125 yards, 1 TD

Ashton Glaser – 8/11, 48 yards, 1 TD

Corbin Berkstresser – 11/14, 107 yards, 1 INT

TOTALS: 38/49, 362 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

Rushing Stats

Kendial Lawrence – 6 carries, 30 yards

De'Vion Moore – 1 carry, 11 yards

Jimmy Costello – 1 carry, 11 yards

James Franklin – 2 carries, 6 yards

Jared Culver – 2 carries, 3 yards

Henry Josey – 4 carries, 2 yards, 1 TD

Greg White – 5 carries, (-4) yards

Ashton Glaser – 1 carry, (-4) yards

TOTALS: 22 carries, 55 yards, 1 TD

Receiving Stats

Jimmie Hunt – 5 rec., 98 yards, 1 TD

T.J. Moe – 5 rec., 55 yards, 1 TD

L'Damian Washington – 5 rec., 41 yards

Brandon Gerau – 1 rec., 30 yards

Andrew Jones – 3 rec., 27 yards, 1 TD

Beau Brinkley – 1 rec., 18 yards

De'Vion Moore – 2 rec., 16 yards

Bud Sasser – 1 rec., 15 yards

Wesley Leftwich, - 1 rec., 12 yards

Terry Dennis – 1 rec., 9 yards

Stephen Drain – 1 rec., 9 yards

Marcus Lucas – 1 rec., 7 yards

Henry Josey – 2 rec., 5 yards

Jaleel Clark – 1 rec., 5 yards

Michael Egnew – 2 rec., 4 yards

Gahn McGaffie – 3 rec., 3 yards

Jared Culver – 1 rec., 3 yards

Tyler Hunt – 1 rec., 3 yards

Daniel Carpenter – 1 rec., 2 yards

TOTALS: 38 rec., 362 yards, 3 TD

Field Goals

Grant Ressel – 3-of-6 (Made: 30, 32, 36; Missed: 39, 43, 48)

Trey Barrow – 3-of-6 (Made: 36, 39, 43; Missed: 30, 32, 48)

Andrew Baggett – 4-of-6 (Made: 30, 32, 36, 39; Missed: 43, 48)


Trey Barrow – 7 punts, 44.4 average

Christian Brinser – 7 punts, 28.9 average


Interceptions – (1) Darvin Ruise

QB Sacks – (1 each) Brayden Burnett, George White

Tackles For Loss – (2) Tony Randolph; (1 each) Kentrell Brothers, E.J. Gaines, Michael Sam, Lucas Vincent

Passes Broken Up – (1 each) Tristen Holt, Tony Randolph, Ian Simon, Robert Steeples

Blocked Punt – (1) Kony Ealy

Quotes taken following the scrimmage:

Head Coach Gary Pinkel

"I thought overall it was good work. I think we had 12 players out who didn't get to scrimmage – five starters on defense and three starters on offense – so you kind of have to filter all that in and out of there. But, I thought we got real good work from people we wanted to get work. We're excited camp is over and we'll wake up Saturday morning and that's when we'll start the Miami (Ohio) week for us. We're excited about that, playing in a game and getting into game mode."

On injuries…

"A lot of this is precautionary in what we do as far as Rex (Sharp) and our medical staff. Many times you Achilles, you get backs, you get hamstrings, they are very touchy. If you come back too soon, you're set back two weeks. I think we're trying to be smart about how we handle it."

On Jayson Palmgren getting so much work at center…

"The good news is, for Palmgren, because of that technique that you have to do for the snap – which you can't take for granted – he's got tremendous amount of work there. So now Travis (Ruth) comes back there and he (Palmgren) moves back to guard, and now your backup center situation is very, very solid. There you kind of turned a negative into a positive."

On camp as a whole…

"It was good. The kids worked hard, which his typical of what we do. It gets long, but the best part is we improved. It's just part of the process and here we go into game week."

On when some of the injured players will return…

"This is the most (injured players) there's ever been since I've been coaching for 34 years, but that doesn't really matter. Hopefully we get a bunch back Saturday and the rest of the bunch it'd be nice if we got back on Tuesday. Maybe some back on Sunday evening because that's a shoulder pads practice."

On Sheldon Richardson's camp…

"I think for Sheldon it's just learning our habits and what we do here – how we practice, how we lift, learning the defense, it was just a real crash course. He's had a great attitude, he's been very responsive in terms of doing things exactly the way we want it, and also getting in better shape too – a combination of all those things. It's also very competitive in there, so we'll grade film and see where it goes, but he's doing a good job."

On James Franklin's camp…

"I think overall, and I've said it before, he's got all the skills to be a really, really high level player. He did some good things today, and we're excited for him. What's going to be real important – and what's going to happen too to any young quarterback – they'll just keep getting better. They'll make some mistakes, but they'll get better and better and better. I know he's excited about getting going."

Sophomore QB James Franklin

On his progression in camp…

"I feel pretty good. I've come a long way definitely. It's gotten a lot better with the experience of going out there every day, going over the plays over and over again, learning the offense and learning how to read the defense. I think that's something that's helped me and something I've gotten better at since camp started."

On preparing for his first start…

"I got a lot of that (game experience) last year – I know it's not the same as starting – but I think it helped out a lot. Coming into this first game as a starter, I think the biggest thing is treating it like every other game. In the games last year, I was prepared to go out there and compete, I just wasn't the starter. I think the difference now is I'll just go out there and start it off – it's the same as last year (preparation-wise)."

On how much he improved/accomplished in camp…

"I think I got better at each thing on my list, I didn't accomplish all of them, but I got better at them, and that's something I wanted to do. In the end, all quarterbacks are perfectionists, they just want to get everything, want to make sure we accomplish everything we want to do. I think the biggest thing is I got better at each one on the list, I didn't master all of them, but I got better."

On improving as the season progresses…

"I think it's going to come into play against better teams. It's learning the other team's defense, their habits, the things they do that I can pick up on. That comes with experience, so when I go out there I think that's the biggest difference in how I learn, just learning different defenses and reacting to them."