UAMS Mammovan makes stop in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - The UAMS Mammovan made a stop in Harrisburg on Friday.

The big pink truck brings a mammogram machine to 26 counties it serves throughout the state. The van is on the road 3-4 days a week and on Friday, it made a stop at the Poinsett County Health Department Office.

"We try to reach patients who don't have easy access to a hospital of mammogram facility," says Heather Buie with UAMS, "It basically helps patients with travel."

This isn't first time the Mammovan has visited Poinsett County, Buie says the van has stopped a couple of times, she says the first trips are to see if there is a need to return to the area. "The majority of the time once we make contact we keep in touch to see if they have a need for us to come back or if it is just an annual trip," says Buie.

The main purpose of the truck is to serve those who may not have easy access to an FDA approved Mammography center close by.

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